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  Shooting Analysis & Coaching

Practice With Purpose


Your trusted, one-stop-shop for specialist basketball shooting analysis and coaching, coach education, and training aids.

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Shooting Coaching (Live)


We provide a range of live specialist shooting coaching services, including:

  • Individual coaching

  • Small group or team coaching

  • Specialist shooting clinics/camps

Individual coaching

Individual sessions are typically a 1 hour service conducted on-court and incorporate:

  • Specialist coaching and instruction

  • Video analysis 

  • Use of video feedback to enhance the learning experience

  • Production of "Video Lessons" which can be accessed online

Small group or team coaching

Specialist shooting coaching sessions can be tailored for groups of various sizes.

Training locations (Venues)

We are based in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia. We have access to training locations in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne, or we can come to you.


Additional charges

We are able to travel to deliver our coaching services, however (not unlike consultants in other industries) additional charges for travel or accommodation related expenses, travel time allowance and also court hire fees may apply if coaching is required to be conducted in remote venues. A quotation can be prepared for these additional expenses upon request!

Contact us for further information.

More information:

Click here for Pricing and Terms of Service.

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PERFECT FORM 4U Methodology

Perfect Form 4U is our own, unique, proven and trusted system of methods comprising a comprehensive suite of innovative coaching tools including: techniques for effective shooting analysis, a range of unique verbal and visual teaching cues, exercises and drills, and our unique, copyrighted, animated video shooting model Peter Perfect™.

Via our Perfect Form 4U methodology, curriculum, and teaching resources, we provide a learning experience second to none to help players, coaches, parents and sport educators develop a deeper understanding of the key principles of effective shooting, and acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to either improve their own individual shooting, or more effectively coach others.


Our Perfect Form 4U methodology is structured and presented in a smart, yet simple and logical manner using our PERFECT FORM Acronym ©. This structured, systematic approach permits us to teach all the important elements of shooting, (and the most effective ways to analyse and teach them) in an easy to follow, understandable manner, and greatly assists player and coach understanding and retention of this information. 

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Shooting Analysis

We examine and evaluate all aspects of shooting form utilising our PERFECT FORM 4U methodology and digital video technology. We consider each players’ unique, individual physical abilities; specifically eye/hand dominance, joint flexibility/mobility (particularly wrist flexibility), posture, balance, strength, stability, speed, power, timing, rhythm, etc.


We also factor in each players' preferred learning style, and cognitive, perceptual and motor abilities in order to deliver the most specific feedback in the most effective format, and prescribe the most appropriate training to educate and empower players to "practice with purpose" and develop the Perfect Form for them.

Team Shooting Analysis Service
We can come to you and film your entire team, then produce and deliver specialist shooting analysis and video lessons for each player.

Coaching staff can learn so much from studying the analysis and lessons we provide to their team that this service is also an invaluable professional development opportunity for coaches

*Contact us for more information

Remote Shooting Analysis Service
You can capture the vision for either an individual, a small group of players, or an entire team.

Video clips can be forwarded to Shoot'n Hoops via the following 3 methods

1. As an email attachment to coach@shootnhoops.com

2. As a message attachment via Facebook Messenger

3. Via you creating a "free" HUDL Technique account (see below). 


We can then produce and deliver specialist shooting analysis and video lessons for each player.

*Contact us for more information

Filming protocols
We provide easy to follow filming protocols to help you capture the best quality vision from the best vantage points and enable us to perform accurate, detailed analysis and deliver you the best possible evaluation and review. 

*Filming protocols provided to clients upon confirmation of service request

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Remote Shooting Coaching

Shoot’n Hoops® offers a unique, “completely remote”, world-class, specialist shooting analysis and coaching service for players and coaches of all levels.


With the advancements in modern smartphones and other portable electronic devices, it has never been easier to capture and share high-quality video clips. Our remote video coaching service permits you to use this technology to send us vision and easily access our specialist shooting analysis and coaching right on your iOS or Android portable device or computer.


A key strength and point of difference of our remote coaching service is our unique, computer-simulated, Perfect Form© video models developed by Shoot’n Hoops®.


Our video models are anatomically and biomechanically perfect animated visual representations of what we believe to be the simplest, most comfortable, and most efficient shooting form.


Shoot’n Hoops® have developed Perfect Form© videos for free-throw shooting, short-range, mid-range, and long-range jump shooting.


© Copyright 2020 - Shoot'n Hoops® 


How it works

Simply film yourself shooting using your smartphone and send us the vision by following the instructions we provide you.


HUDL Technique we then conduct a side by side analysis to compare your form to Perfect Form© and produce detailed instructional videos. Instructional videos include expert comments (voiceover) and prescription of appropriate exercises/training drills/coaching cues to help you "practice with purpose" and fast track your shooting form development.

HUDL Technique is the worlds' leading mobile application for sport video skill analysis and coaching, trusted by millions of players and coaches worldwide; and is our tool of choice for professional and reliable delivery of our remote coaching services.

Side by side comparison with our PERFECT FORM 4U models

HUDL Technique provides the industry leading video coaching tools. Shoot'n Hoops provides the basketball specific expertise, knowledge and experience in shooting coaching. Together, we are able to deliver one of the most effective remote basketball shooting analysis and coaching services available anywhere in the world.

Video analysis and lessons

Using HUDL Technique, we conduct our video analysis and prepare your video lessons. Lesson files are then uploaded to our Shoot'n Hoops HUDL Technique account and we email you private links permitting you to view and study them from any device, anytime.

Links may also be shared with your other coaches to ensure a consistent approach to your shooting development and avoid conflicting information.


Using our remote coaching system, we make it easy and affordable for anyone, anywhere to access our world-class specialist shooting coaching and enjoy a learning experience second to none, completely remotely.

View the slide show below for a short sample Pro Video Review Lesson and sample still shots from other Pro Review Lessons using our unique, copyrighted, animated video shooting model Peter Perfect™. 

More Information

Click here for PricingTerms of Service and How to Access Remote Coaching or Contact Us to find out more!


Play below to view a sample of a typical pro video review and lesson.

Clients (players and coaches) are able to view and study our lessons on their mobile devices (even on-court) and immediately "practice with purpose"!

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Coach Education Workshops/Mentoring

Our mission is to contribute positively to the continued growth and development of the game of basketball both in Australia and worldwide through the practical application of sports science and technology in basketball coaching and a commitment to ongoing coach education and training.

We understand that most basketball coaches are not sports scientists and have no desire to be! Our coach workshops are designed to educate and up-skill coaches, and can be delivered at a number of different levels ranging from beginner coach, or parent just wishing to assist their child, through to advanced, elite-level professional coaches.

Workshops are as hands-on as possible; detailed technical information is presented in user-friendly terminology using our PERFECT FORM 4U methodology with a key focus on providing lots of practical applications of how coaches can immediately incorporate information learned into their day to day on-court coaching.

Our coach workshops are an ideal way for clubs, associations, schools, and basketball organisations to provide their coaches with some valuable specific professional development.

More Information

Click here for Pricing and Terms of Service.

Contact Us to find out more!  




When I bought my son to Shoot'n Hoops, I thought he was already a very good player. After two consecutive Vic Country State selections (now 3) and access to some of the best coaches in Australia I thought "how much more can a 16 year old learn". How wrong I was!

Under Coach Phil Shelley's tutelage I watched and learnt more about shooting skills and how to prepare for and play the game than I have from any other person over my last 45 years in basketball.

With Phil's teaching methods, his innovative use of technology and tools, I watched him transform not just my son's shooting technique, but every aspect of his game to become a significantly better player than he was before we met Phil. 

Phil is much more than a basketball coach; he is also mentor, psychologist, sounding board and trusted advisor to my son. His attention to detail is second to none, his approach is not about winning, it's about developing the whole athlete, physically and mentally. If you want your child to learn correct technique, hone their existing skills and learn new ones, learn how to prepare and recover from games both physically and mentally, and practice for maximum benefit then I could not recommend Phil Shelley and Shoot'n Hoops more highly.


Michael Grantham 

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Basketball shooting is both an art and a science, and arguably the most important skill in the game; however, analysing and teaching shooting mechanics, and developing the scoring abilities of players has long been surrounded by confusion and misunderstanding.

Shoot'n Hoops® have broken through many of the myths, misconceptions, and conflicting information surrounding shooting mechanics, and have developed a unique methodology for analysing shooting form, identifying flaws and inefficiencies, and effectively teaching players the most comfortable, bio-mechanically efficient, consistent, and reliable shooting form for them. We call this Perfect Form 4U©


Via our Perfect Form 4U methodology and support curriculum, we provide a learning experience second to none to help players, coaches, parents, and sport educators develop a deeper understanding of the key principles of effective shooting, and acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to either improve their own individual shooting or more effectively coach others.

Shoot'n Hoops developer and head coach Phil Shelley has over 25 years experience in specialist shooting coaching and coach education. Phil was the specialist shooting coach to Melbourne Tigers NBL Champions in 2007/08 and has since provided coaching, coach education, and consultancy services to numerous other clubs, associations, schools, and sports academies throughout Australia. 

Phil is a passionate and experienced coach and sport educator, having taught at several Australian Universities and Colleges over the past 20 years including Victoria University, Deakin University, Monash University, Chisholm Institute, and Federation Training.

Coach Shelley has previously been the sports science consultant for Basketball Australia's NITP (National Intensive Training Programs) in Victoria; and a coaching course presenter for Basketball Australia for many years. Having also provided specialist shooting coaching and consultancy to Basketball SA Country, Basketball Queensland, and Basketball Victoria Country; Coach Shelley was invited by Basketball Australia to present his shooting analysis and coaching methodology at the 2018 Basketball Australia National Coach Conference held at the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence. 


Many previous Shoot'n Hoops personal coaching clients, have benefited from Shoot'n Hoops' services and have gone on to achieve their goals of State, National and Olympic team selection; State, National, and World Championship success and Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence and USA College Scholarships.

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© Copyright 2020 - Shoot'n Hoops ®