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Basketball coaches at every level are always searching for ways to improve the shooting (and scoring) ability of their players; and players everywhere are constantly looking for ways to take their "individual game" to the next level.

At Shoot'n Hoops we leave the X's & O's up to the coach; our key focus lies in providing coaches and players from beginner level to elite-professional level with specialist coaching services, training equipment and resources specifically aimed at improving "individual" skills (particularly shooting) plus assisting players to maximise their full athletic potential and increase their overall level of basketball performance.

Unconstrained by conventional methods; Shoot'n Hoops provides a "unique" and "innovative" range of specialist coaching services and products; and it is this "outside the square" thinking which has lead to these acclaimed innovations by Shoot'n Hoops (below):

Pictured below is past Shoot'n Hoops client, Matthew Dellavedova, Australian Boomers Olympic Point Guard, now playing in the NBA with Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Above is an example of a typical video analysis session comparing a young Matthew Dellavedova to our revolutionary Perfect Form™ computer simulated model of the perfect free throw shooting action. Video lessons are a powerfully effective visual learning experience for our clients. For more information see:
Perfect Form - Shoot'n Hoops' Exclusive Shooting Coaching & Instruction method

Live Coaching Service

Remote "Video" Coaching Service

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Via our
Remote Coaching service we can provide expert analysis and video lessons (described above) to "anyone", "anywhere", "anytime".

The perfect gift for any keen basketball player!

Who is Shoot’n Hoops?

Shoot'n Hoops® developer and head coach is Phil Shelley. Phil has over 15 years experience in the Australian SEABL & ABA competitions as a player, team captain and head coach, and has been teaching shooting for almost 20 years. Phil was the specialist shooting coach to Melbourne Tigers NBL Champions in 2007/08, providing one-on-one shooting coaching services, plus also works with many other clubs, associations, schools and personal coaching clients.

Many previous Shoot'n Hoops clients (including Matthew Dellavedova, pictured above) have benefited from our services and have gone on to achieve their goals of State, National and Olympic team selection, Australian Institute of Sport and USA College Scholarships.

Combined with his playing and coaching experience, Phil has extensive experience in coach education and sports science having taught sports coaching principles, skill acquisition, strength & conditioning and biomechanics in several Australian Universities and Colleges for the past 15 years including Victoria University, Deakin University and Monash University and Diploma in Sports Development and Sports Coaching at TAFE Institutes.

Coach Shelley has been the sports science consultant for Basketball Australia's ITCP (Intensive Training Centre Programs) in Victoria; and a coaching course presenter for Basketball Australia for many years and has developed a reputation as one of the leading basketball specific sports science and coaching consultants in Australia.

Outside of Shoot'n Hoops, Phil has previously played an instrumental role in the establishment and growth of the Gippsland Regional Sports Academy and the Victoria University Basketball Academy as inaugural Executive Officer/Program Manager of both organisations

Now, via Shoot'n Hoops' revolutionary new Remote "Video" Coaching Service utilising digital video technology and the power of the internet; Shoot'n Hoops' specialist coaching and consultancy services can be accessed "remotely" by "anyone", almost "anywhere" in the world.

Coach Shelley is the first to admit that during his playing days he shot "incorrectly" for many years based on the coaching advice, myths and misconceptions taught to him at the time by "well meaning" coaches. Now in retirement, and after nearly twenty years of intensive research, development, coaching and testing, Coach Shelley has developed the "Shoot'n Hoops" system for teaching shooting "the right way"!

Click to see Phil in action in the "glory days".

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